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Kaweco Ice Sport Series

The Kaweco Ice Sport series includes a fountain pen, rollerball pen, ballpoint pen, click action pencil with 0.7m lead, and a clutch pencil with a 3.2mm lead.

The range has funky translucent plastic barrels with silver accents (nibs, clips, logo).The Ice Sport is part of Kaweco's "Sport" family of pens, which is based on a 1930s octagonal design and an oversized cap. It is "Small in the pocket, large in the hand" - the fountain pen and rollerball are just 105mm when closed, but are a full sized pen at 135mm with the cap posted. The ballpoint and pencils are 110m long.  

The Ice Sport series come in a cardboard gift carton. Nostalgic gift tins and  chrome pocket clips are available as extra presentation gifts.

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