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Kaweco AL Sport Ballpoint Pen - Stonewashed Blue


  • £52.99

If you like your pens pristine, look away now!

Aluminium can be a tricky metal to engineer but this finish takes the biscuit, a truly authentic jeans style which has been literally stone-washed.  Each one is slightly different but is always of the same Kaweco quality.

Modelled on the original octagonal 1930's design, the Kaweco AL Sport ballpoint pen is a pocket ballpoint pen constructed from solid anodised aluminium.  It is chunky and compact at just 110mm long and weighing only 13g - hence the slogan "Small in the pocket, large in the hand". 

The AL Sport ballpoint pen has a push button mechanism and uses the international standard D1 ballpoint pen refills, which are available in packs of 5 in black or blue in either fine, medium or broad. 

Your Kaweco AL Sport ballpoint pen comes in a nostalgic gift tin. 


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